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PHIA is a national organization that provides credentials and curriculum for 6 different medical administrative positions (Physician and Hospital Coding, Audit Specialist, Billing, Compliance Officer, and Office Manager).

PHIA currently has Certified Healthcare Professionals in 40 states and in India - and has become the fastest growing, National award winning organization of its kind in the US. Its parent company and continuing education arm, Medical Staff SOS (MS.SOS), provides physician-based services and workshops such as: chart auditing, group seminars and audit compliance assistance to over 3,000 healthcare clients and organizations.

Professional Healthcare Institute of America™(PHIA)

The coding programs built a reputation for generating highly skilled, effective healthcare professionals. This resulted in growing demand for certification courses in additional areas including billing, compliance and management. Medical Staff SOS continued providing these in-house services and workshops to healthcare organizations, as it developed the Professional Healthcare Institute of America. PHIA was launched in an effort to provide students at all educational levels with a full line of educational courses and certifications. PHIA now offers a wide selection of courses and over four certification programs to hard working, diligent individuals looking to expand their knowledge in the healthcare field. Students are encouraged to take advantage of flexible learning environments through our structured online learning programs.

Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, PHIA offers a wide selection of online courses, CD presentations, and six certification programs in a flexible and convenient learning environment for those individuals interested in pursuing a career in the administrative healthcare field. Its parent company and continuing education arm, Medical Staff SOS (MS.SOS), provides physician-based services and workshops such as chart auditing, group seminars and audit compliance assistance to healthcare organizations. For more information, contact PHIA/MSSOS at 1-866-473-3036.

Medical Staff SOS, Inc. was launched in 1998 to accommodate the need for high quality educational medical coding seminars to healthcare professionals. The industry quickly recognized their excellence and began requesting in office chart auditing and more extensive physician and staff training.

PHIA Focus: Online Program Quality and Convenience

Louisville, Kentucky (September 28, 2004) The Professional Healthcare Institute of America (PHIA), a nationally recognized credentialing organization in the administrative healthcare field, has announced they are enhancing their online educational programs and CD-ROM presentations. We have Certified Coding Professionals (CCPs) in 38 states across the U.S. that want and require high quality, yet convenient medical office administration programs, to ensure we meet their needs and maintain high standards, our focus has changed from an in-class to an online curriculum.

Online courses that can be accessed any time of day or night via the internet, CD-ROM presentations and Study Guide Programs include Medical Billing, Medical Coding, and Chart Auditing, Practice Management and Corporate Compliance. "Our students range from those seeking a career change, to the new graduate or individuals who wish to expand their knowledge in the administrative healthcare field," said Sherry Thomas PHIA CEO, Director of Education. "Their schedules, and the fact that so many of our membership span the country, mandated that we offer a more accessible and convenient method of learning, with the quality they've come to expect. To do this effectively, we've decided to redirect our energies from the classroom to the computer, and have received very favorable feedback as a result."

The PHIA online programs go beyond self-study. Each involves a PowerPoint presentation with audio, discussion groups, online chat sessions and complete lessons that require the passing of a test before moving further. "The students are even assigned an online faculty advisor to encourage their progression," added Thomas.

"Our CD-ROM presentations are also very user-friendly and great for those who do not have Internet access or at best, a slow connection." CD-ROM presentations are also available for CEU's or continuing education for those seeking to update their certifications.

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