Chart Auditing Services

Medical Staff SOS, Inc./PHIA provides Independent Review Organization (IRO) services as required by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) to fulfill Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) or other governmental mandated compliance programs. We can assist physicians, hospitals and other health care providers or organizations to meet your voluntary or mandated requirements. We provide quality results at affordable prices.

Clinical professionals save lives every day, but without correct coding, billing and management, no practice can survive today's litigious society and keep up with governmental rules, regulations and laws. It is more critical than ever to have these positions hold current certifications. PHIA stays up-to-date with all of this crucial information and insists that their certified healthcare professionals do the same.

Mix-ups, oversights, and mistakes can easily overrun a medical practice. Thatís why offices around the country are turning to PHIA to ensure their staff follows standard practices and understands the advancements and changes in their field.

We include the following in every chart audit (examples below):
  • Chart Audit Overiew: A brief summary of the audit
       Example Chart Audit Overview
  • Chart Audit Report: Original documentation is returned. Each DOS audited is color coded to match the individual report.
       Example Chart Audit Sample
  • General Recommendations: The auditor's recommendations for each provider and the practice as a whole outlining issues found within the audit
       Example General Recommendations report
  • Color-Coded audit form: Explanation of the audit is provided for each physician and non-physician provider. How the auditor arrivedat the level chosen - detailed
       Example E-M color coded audit exam form
  • Provider Education: This session is scheduled after the audit results have been completed. Auditor will discuss findings listed in the General Recommendation report and answer questions.
       Example Comfort Zone

Here are some samples:

E-M #8 color coded audit

E-M #8 individual report

Chart Audit Overview

General Recommendations Report

Comfort Zone


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